Prodesign offers expert service in Apache Spark streaming which makes it simple to create scalable and fault-tolerant applications.

What is it and who is using it?

A recent study of over 1,400 Spark users conducted by Databricks, the corporate founded by the creators of Spark, revealed that 56% additional spark customers across-the-board ran Spark Streaming applications in one year. Spark Streaming’s ever-growing customer base contains of Uber, Netflix, and Pinterest.

Apache Spark is a quick and versatile process engine with elegant and communicatory development APIs that permits information workers to effectively minister machine learning/SQL workloads that need quick in-loop access to data resources.

Spark includes the following –

  • E-commerce use cases by streaming real-time transaction information which includes unstructured data sources, such as customer comments or product reviews, and used to constantly improve and adapt recommendations over time with new trends.
  • Financial use cases in Spark stack for fraud or intrusion detection system or risk-based authentication.
  • Harvesting huge amounts of archived logs.

Prodesign’s Advantage

With the professional team of Prodesign and also the simplicity of Apache Spark, the probabilities are boundless. Your data processing services can remodel the great and understanding the complete model can become much easier with our experience. We are able to bring forth changes that may boost your information design within the following ways:

Easy to use:

Spark Streaming brings Apache Spark's language-integrated API to stream process, allowing you write streaming jobs a similar method you write batch jobs. It supports Java, Scala and Python.


Spark and Spark Streaming with the RDD concept at the core are inherently designed to live through worker failures. This is what we call as fault-tolerance.

Spark Integration:

By running on Spark, Spark Streaming permits you to utilize an equivalent code for instruction execution, join streams against historical information, or run ad-hoc queries on stream state. Build powerful interactive applications, not simply analytics.

Why choose Prodesign for Apache Spark?

Prodesign provides world class software system solutions to customers across the world. From complicated software system needs to unresolvable issues, we've got delivered answers and inventive product time and again. What makes us completely different is our inventive approach and out of the box thinking. we tend to perceive technology and its associated upgrades.

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