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AI and Machine Learning at Scale is a Prodesign. Prodesign is an industry leader in analytics and a source for the latest thinking on machine learning, big data, Hadoop, visual analytics and data management.

Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning means learning from Data
  • Machine = Your machine/computer
    Learning = Finding patterns from data
  • Machine Learning is just Data + Algorithms, but Data is more important
  • Feature extraction is key. If total prediction power is 100% then the effort of feature engineering = 80% and the effort of the learning algorithm = 20%
  • Overfitting is when your algorithm is memorizing instead of learning
  • If you have small amounts of data then you're better off using more simple models (linear&logistic regression). If you have large amounts of data you can try out more complex models (Deep Learning, etc.)
  • To avoid overfitting, always use regularization
  • Training is the most important part of Machine Learning. Choose your features and hyper parameters carefully
  • Machines don't take decisions, people do
  • Data cleaning is the most important part of Machine Learning. You know the saying: Garbage in Garbage out
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