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We provide safe and secure applications.



Business Automation and Monitoring System Application’ (BAMSA), an innovative solution to streamline and manage all the processes within a business. BAMSA is an idea that originates from the concept of collective effort to achieve an organization’s goals. BAMSA is a continuous aid in automation, regulation and monitoring of an organization’s operations. BAMSA helps decision makers in better planning and organizing.



AMS(Advisory Management System) is the perfect solution for your housing societys visitor, staff management, and security problems. AMS is an application to provide a secure Monitoring for a group of Villas/ Apartment Communities. It will help and manage to each and every individual, tenant/owner in a community to complete their works will be simplified. We can customize the application according to the client requirements.



HEALTH MANAGEMENT is an integrated Hospital Information System, which addresses all the major functional areas of multi-specialty hospitals. The HMS enables better patient care, patient safety, patient confidentiality, efficiency, reduced costs and better management information system. It provides easy access to critical information thus enabling the management to take better decisions on time.